What's Happening At Pop! Farm?

What is Pop! Farm?

Pop! Farm is a community garden in Southwest Baltimore's Poppleton neighborhood.


Come visit us at 14 N. Schroeder Street!

Community Partners & Donors

Garden Meetings


Join members of the Pop! Farm community at 5pm on the second Sunday of each month to make group decisions, plan for the future. Most meetings will happen at Pop! Farm, but sometimes the weather forces us to use an indoor location.  Check out our calendar for information about the date, time and location of each meeting.

Work Days


Pop! Farm hosts community service days on the first and third Saturdays of every month when volunteers and gardeners can tackle big projects together!

Feel free to come out and get to know your neighbors and fellow gardeners better.  See the calendar for more info!

Volunteer Days

Are you a member of a group of five or more people interested in helping Pop! Farm?  You can schedule a volunteer day that meets your group's unique schedule by emailing info@popfarm.org.  Want to volunteer solo?  Sign up here!  Be sure to check out our calendar to see if there's a pre-scheduled work day that already meets your scheduling needs.

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14 N. Schroeder Street Baltimore, MD 21223

Three girls (one in a green shirt, one in a red shirt, and one in a grey shirt) standing in front of a brick wall. They are smiling towards the camera and each are holding a sign that they painted. The signs read: Firepit, Peaches, and Little Free Library