Meet the Team!

jes godinez, Communications Coordinator -


Just your friendly neighborhood farm novice, jes, is a resident of Bolton Hill (just a hop and a skip from the garden) and became a member of Pop! Farm in good ol' 2020. They spend their time dreaming and scheming about their future community land stewardship project. So holler, from a distance, when you see them, if you wanna scheme together too. 


Bill Joyner (he/him/his) -

Bill is a resident of Union Square, and has been involved with Pop! Farm since 2015.  His main roles are helping Pop! Farm build organizational partnerships and managing the Ruth Kirk Fellowship, Pop! Farm's youth employment program.  Bill considers Baltimore home, but he's originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

A man in a white and black button up shirt inspects a beehive

Adam Moyer, Treasurer -


Adam is a Union Square resident and has been gardening at Pop! Farm since 2015. He is one of the beekeepers at the garden, and you can contact him if you would like to donate to the garden or sign up for a plot.

A woman in a cream colored sweater holds up two fingers and smiles at the camera

Chigo Oguh, Community Relations Coordinator -

Chigo is a Pigtown resident. She enjoys gardening when it is cool and dewy out. Currently, she looks forward to learning how to care for bees. Find her walking around the neighborhood with her mask on.